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Hi girls,

sorry, but i really need a vent!

so i have obviously had my implants a little while now, and i didn't tell anyone other than my partner about my surgey, as i believe that it was my decision and my body, and i didn't want anyone to know about it.

my sister has also had hers done about 10 years ago now, and has just clicked on since being down the beach during summer that she thinks i have also had my done, whenever my partner is not with me, she consistly asked me (she even poked me) and says she "knows i have had it done"

so then i get a message from her saying that to stop "insulting her intelligence" she knows just by looking at me, etc etc and that she's not stupid blah blah blah, and now she is talking to my mom who is going through cancer treatment and really unwell, saying she doesn't know what to say back to my reply (i denied it off course) saying she doesn't beleive me, and how upset she is that i'm "lying to her"

personally i think it is none of her business, and it's my decision who i tell etc. i don't think mine look fake. obviously in a bikini or bra i can make them look big, but they aren't that big.

i am so stressed out you have no idea.

that's why i really wanted to get implants through my underarms so i can show my boobs without scars.

but i chose the brazilians that can't go through that way.

my mom said to her that one day in the future one of them will see my boobs, and then they'll know the truth...

i feel like my privacy is being completely invaded, and that i am answerable!

is there any way that i can hide my scars in the best possible way, if they do confront me and ask me to show them :( ?

it's making me regret getting them done, but i do really love them, and what they will eventually become..

i'm so stressed i feel sick :(

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You would probably feel better if you were just honest? I didn't tell anybody either and only 1 person has straight out asked me and I denied it but later told her that I had but I don't want it to be talked about openly as it is a personal decision. Some people don't mind openly announcing it to all and sundry on Facebook etc but I'm not that type of person.

If your sister has had gets done, don't you think she would respect it if you told her that you have but you don't want your boobs to be an open forum for discussion?

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I would just be honest. Obviously it's going to be an issue with your sister until you tell her,so why cause yourself so much stress?. I can understand not telling anyone that you are getting the procedure done,but afterwards,why deny it?. I'm not saying advertise it to the world,but family should be an acception surely?.

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Maybe there are some other issues going on with your family and thats why you don't want to tell them?

I think that your sister will end up telling more and more people as I reckon with you denying it she would be making a bigger deal out of it then if you just confessed?

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At the end of the day it's your sister and there's really no point denying it if it is obvious.

But then again the way she is going about it is annoying even me.

If I were in your position, I would just say, "Listen, it's none of your business whether I did or not so drop it and stop bringing mum into it when she has more important things to deal with right now".

She sounds like she is being incredibly childish. You would think she of all people would understand why it's such a personal and private thing.

As for the "is there any way that i can hide my scars in the best possible way, if they do confront me and ask me to show them :( ?" part, it's not like they can forcefully strip you. If it ever comes to that, then just tell them to BACK OFF!! You're an adult and you don't have to show or tell them anything that you don't want to.

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I agree honesty is probably the way to go. Maybe sit down with your sister and say how she's acting has really upset you and you should be able to tell her things freely, because you want to, not because she forces you into it by making you feel horrible and stressing you out. Sisters can be real bitches some times!

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