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BA with dr p at bangkok hospital phuket advise

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Hello ladies I'm very excited as I'm getting a BA in 20 days and I'm counting down with much excitement. I was hoping u could give me advise on what I need to take e.g. compression bras where to buy them and anything which will help me along the way. I'm currently a 10b/c and I want to go to a full e cup (I can't wait!!) Does anyone know if Dr p will go through the armpit with a 410cc implant? Also how long will I be in alot of pain for? And response will be gratefully accepted =) eeek so excited

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Hi! I am also having a BA with dr p (preeyaphas... Not piyapas) on bangkok.

I dont think a 410cc will fit in the armpit.. Anything over 300cc will usually be done under the crease.

As for what to take, face wipes (wet ones like babywipes or make up removal ones)

A travel pillow and/or banana pillow.

Strepsils as the drugs make your throat sore

Button up shirts or singlets so yiu dont have to pull things down over your head.. Or clothes you can step into and pull up..

Thats all i can think of at the moment.

Check out the thread in "breast surgery" section called "the 5 things you couldnt live without" it may have more info for you :)

Good luck!!

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