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Hi ladies.. I'm a little confused..

I have been speaking with lotus medical, sent my pics through etc.

And I got an email from them advising that the hospital will only give out information on surgery options etc. to one agency? And I have to send them an email saying that I'll go through them before they will give me the info from their surgeons..

Is this correct?? Surely I'm able to get information from more than one source??

Any help is appreciated..

Thanks all..

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Same happened to me. I requested quotes via lotus, somnio and direct from PIAC. When left waiting and waiting, this was the reason. I nominated one of them, then ended up doing it directly. The third party just seemed to slow it all down. Pick one to get quotes from hospital as it'll be same price anyway, then decide if/who you want to work on your behalf.

Good luck. Xx

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That wasn't my recent experience with them (LMI). Do they mean that PIAC surgeons don't want to be consulted many times by the different agencies for the same person?

If so, I can understand the surgeons' concerns, time is money, and I guess they get frustrated when more than one agency consults about the same person. That said, no reason you can't contact the hospitals yourself, and then use an agency for transfers, appointments, aftercare etc if wanted.

A couple of years ago BM was saying that certain Bangkok hospital surgeons required aus residents to go thru BM and some enquirers who contacted the surgeon directly were advised to contact BM. Same for Bumrungrad and GHT. Seems that in recent times that this has lapsed though.

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Yeah I think getting a quote straight from PIAC is the way to go, then you can decide if you want to go with a company. At least you'll know the surgery cost so you can see what service fees the company may charge on top! I'm going in May for BA Probably through truly medical getaways as they don't have a service fee. It's hard to decide on a company sometimes I think it would save a lot of time and confusion just going direct with the hospital :)

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Hi Ladies, Thanks for all the help..I just received an email from PIAC who said the same thing, that they had received my info from another agency, I advised them to ignore LMI and for them to give me all the info. After reading a lot of posts on this forum, it seems that going direct won't be as hard as i thought it might be. And if it makes things slightly cheaper, thats not such a bad thing either. I cant wait to start booking things in! im sick of having no boobs! haha

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