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Will my boobs get much smaller after swelling subsides? I love them this size!!!

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Hey Girls :)

Had my BA today (pics up) and I was wondering how much do your breasts shrink when the swelling goes down? I love the size and hoping they don't drop a cup size or something like that!

I have been reading that they actually get bigger when they drop and fluff? If that is the case then I would think they would gain back the size you lost when the swelling went down? Mine are under muscle :)

Thanks girls!

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You have to think of it as when the implant goes in your body wants to reject it, so your muscles squeeze the Jebus out of the implant therefore tightening the implant and reducing it in size.. Once your muscles let go of the implant the muscles become relaxed and soften and your implant expands to its original size :) keep in mind under the muscle you do lose 10-15% of the implant size roughly. But yes in my opinion - they get bigger and nicer in shape.

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Mine were really in my armpits for the first few weeks. Had all sorts of trouble shaving under my arms. As the swelling went down/they are starting to soften they aren't in there as much now. Don't worry about what they are looking like for a few weeks yet, they will go crazy for the first little while - I know that is easier said than done.

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