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Any advice or opinions about Dr Piyapas and Dr Narupons face and necklift work please

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I'm off to Phuket in march and would like a face and neck lift. I'm 64 years of age and would appreciate a recommendation of a good reasonably priced surgeon. The best price I have is from Dr Narupon but feel I'd rather pay more for a better surgeon if I can't get any favourable reviews, testimonys, etc.

Dr Piyapas is definitely more expensive but would like to hear if anyone else has personal experience.

If you have photos please invite me to view them

Many thanks. LeahS

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Hi ladies,

I can't help specifically with the procedures you are after however I do know that Dr. Piyapas is fantastic with BAs and rhinoplasties.

He seems like a highly skilled surgeon so I have no doubt he would be great with face/neck/upper eyelid/brow lifts as well. :)

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Thanks sukii, sounds that way- he does get a rave review as a doc. My daughter who had her recent BA couldnt speak highly enough. Leah my flight over is the 30th maybe we will bang into each other at the hosp!! Lol

Well im gonna be starting my own browlift/bleph day by day diary for any newcomers in the future.

Now im considering TT but know that is pretty hardcore so have to think about that 1!!!

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Hello ladies..

I've had two facelifts...an SMAS lift followed by a "french" lift (and upper eyes amongst other face work) - not O/S

So here my useful bits..

It's a significant operation. You'll be out from 2-4 hrs depending on the specifics of the works you choose. Post op you'll look very swollen and bruising will follow a few days later...First few nights were my toughest..no lying on my back to keep the pressure off my face (less swelling and bruising) but I found sleeping was difficult. Pain management is really essential. It will ease stress, improve comfort, appetite, rest etc...so don't skimp on the pain drugs just because you think you're ok.....and if your struggling with discomfort...tell the nurse (I did)

Not sure how the hospitals work O/S ..I had two nights post op before going home..and frankly I needed it.....(the two night is hospital)...AndI 'm not sure about this (It's worthy of a blog I think) but I 'felt' the anesthetics left me feeling 'blue'...sad..teary....not sure maybe it was a combination of surgery, drugs etc....certainly the anesthetic will keep you feeling weakened for a couple of day..but you should be up n' about in a couple of days.....I went out for a coffee after 3 days as I was stir crazy at home....remember I'm wrapped up in bandages looking hideous....everyone thought I was in a car accident...lol..i didn't have the heart to say it was self inflicted!.....and geeze that coffee tasted real good that day!

My first lift (SMAS) involved cutting into the contours running around the side of my face (along the ear line) and up into my scalp...so there was lots of staples and dissolving sutures to care for .....

The second lift "French lift) for my mid upper face was done via the inside of my mouth - so this time to external stitches..

or wounds..but the inside of my mouth was tender and bled for what felt like ages....

After 10 day i was back at the surgeon to get the stitches and stapes out of my scalp out......I'm on the mend..the bruising is turning yellow, the bandages off.....after 3 weeks i went to the gym...and though I was going to faint..I could hardly do anything - even a brisk walk was tiring....I was sleeping good, eating well..but clearly activity is a bit further away than I wanted it to be!.......so be patient! (no pun)

Something else not spokne much about is the numbmess - or - loss of sensation........initially part of my mouth and face were frozen and numb.....it too 6 minths to regain full feeling and movement...not i dont mean I was a slurring...however I couldn't twitch my nose or grimace (good thing eh)......

It was three whole months before I was finally looking 'right'..by this I mean - even tho I got to the point of not looking like I was in a car wreck...it took ages for everything to really - reeeeally 'settle'........

Full facelifts are for the brave (in my opinion).......and I don't regret a single cent or moment of sufference of what I've committed.......looking years younger.....always confident, and you know everything else seems to benefit too..i eat better, keep (super) active, do (better) public talks and and so much more social that i ever was...it really did change me for the better........all the doubts pre-op were washed away ..all the pain and down time have been re-paid ten fold the the years following .....

So in short prepare for the worst, get lots of support, don't skimp on pain management, be patient (no pun), think of where you be when you've recovered..

Ultimately my only mistake was seeking the approval of friends..........I know better now


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Awesome spotty, thanks for the tips!. Im now thinking of a Tt too and been trying to do my research on both.....

Very brutal by the sounds of it so im seriously thinking about it, and i have a chronic neck issue which will make afterwards worse. My kids are now 24 and 21- Im 42, so thats how long i have been trying to get a flat tummy.

I can count my friends on 1 hand ( due tounfortunate bad experiences) and...BAD mistake. 1 green eyed monster. 2. Justmental

Girls watch for that..lol

So now my lips are absolutley sealed!!

Thanks again ;)))

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