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Kara-Lea's story...so it's time!!

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Hi lovely ladies,

Before I delve into my experience so far I would just like to say a big THANKYOU to each and everyone of you for being so great and sharing your experiences and answering my many many questions. Over the last 4 months I have learnt so much from this godsend of a site that I reckon I could actually perform the surgery myself haha. So THANKYOU!!

My story to date - as most of you know, I am a 23 y/o Melbourne-ite with a gorgeous bf and two babies (my kitties :)). I have thought about have a BA done since I was 18 as I mine just never grew; but didn't really get into researching it as we were always saving for something or other and couldn't afford it at the time. About 5 months ago I bit the bullet and started researching everything involved in the procedure as well as all the different variables you can choose from etc... I booked in to have 2 consults with different surgeons - Damian Grinsell and Craig Rubinstein for November. The more research I did on Craig and the more stories I read, pics I saw, I knew he was the one for me. I attended a seminar he presented late October and our views and expectations lined up exactly. I ended up cancelling the consult with Damian as I knew I would go with Craig and I had originally chosen to have a consult with him for all the wrong reasons (ie/ he was located on my side of the city and operated closer to home; cheaper - $9k compared to $14k that Craig charges).

November 23rd rolled around for my consult with Craig and I loved the experience so much - the whole process was seamless and enjoyable! His staff were all fantastic and helpful. I was there for about 2 hours -spent the first hour with Craig doing measurements, going through different implant types, the procedure, complications and after care (which is probably the best I have heard of by the way - free consults for rest of life, 2 berlie post op bras, soaps/tapes etc, 3 laser treatments for scars etc etc). The next hour I spent with Kat (Craig's nurse) playing around with sizes on the Vectra machine, trying sizers on etc She really knows what will look great and suit your body shape. I really felt the whole afternoon was amazing and couldn't fault it in anyway. I was sent home with an information pack, my 'before' photos, everyone's contact details, quote and availability for surgery in the new year. I certainly didn't feel pressured into booking but I couldn't wait to do so. I sent Kat an email the next day on the Saturday saying that I am pleased to say that I would like to book my surgery with Craig for 23rd January!!! Was so exciting and couldn't wait until Monday to get a response from her haha. I was still deciding between 2 diff implants at the time (365 textured or 375 smooth) so I left it up to Craig to decide what he thought would give me the best outcome and we have gone with the 365cc HP round textured, under the muscle.

So tomorrow is the day - I'm waiting to hear from Kat (Dr Rubinstein's nurse) today what time I will need to be at the hospital but I think it's around 9am. Originally it was 7:15am but when the hospital rang on Friday confirming my booking they said they had a different time for me, slightly later. Not sure what time this means I will be going into theatre as I imagine I will need to get blood tests and stuff done beforehand?!

Tonight I will be packing my bag for the overnight stay at hospital, one last clean over of the bedroom (vacuum, dust and new sheets), bring all the spare pillows down to the bedroom and also putting everything I need at hip height so I don't have to reach for everything.

To be honest, I'm a little bit scared....I was so excited up until this morning - I woke up with a massive anxious feeling in my gut...so the nerves are kicking in!

I think I'll leave it at that for now and keep you updated when I hear what time I will be going in the morning and from there onwards I guess!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing the rest of my experience with you :)



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Hey babe, I have loved sharing this journey with you, we have almost become boob buddies since we joined about the same time! You got your balls sooner than me and jumped right in! I've sat back and waited until after Christmas to do something about it!

I wish you all the best and cannot wait to hear about your journey afterwards! You are my inspiration! :)

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So Kat just called confirming that my admission time is 9am and I will be going into surgery 11:30/12-noon. I have to fast from midnight tonight....I don't usually go 3 hours without food so that's going to be interesting :p

oh geez, 12 hours without food... can u have fluid in the morning???

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So Kat just called confirming that my admission time is 9am and I will be going into surgery 11:30/12-noon. I have to fast from midnight tonight....I don't usually go 3 hours without food so that's going to be interesting :p

Good luck tomorrow lovely lady. I know how you feel about the no food. At least I got to have breakfast at 5 before my surgery. All the best.

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Good luck today hun!!

If you're still really thirsty when you get there ask one of the nurses if you can suck on some ice chips.

Generally they'll allow it. :)

Peak hour traffic is the worst.

I know when I had my first surgery I was stuck in traffic and wanted to get there already.

I'm sure everything will run smoothly.

I'm so excited for you!! :D xx

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All done, am in my room feeling sore and sorry for myself. Just feel like someone is sstanding on my chest. Can't breath very well..only short breaths which is making it hard to talk. My bf had a peek and he was blown away...I've had a cpl peeks and I love them! They're sitting really nicely. Still haven't had anything to eat or drink really, only sip of water at 5pm when I had my pill. Has now been 24hrs since my last meal

Will update more when I get home tomorrow. Oh and my shoulders keep waiting to pull forward which is making my upper back sore


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