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Rhinoplasty with dr Patrick walsh

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Hi, I’m looking into Dr Patrick Walsh for rhinoplasty. I’ve previously gone to dr Chris moss for a consult but his prices that he quoted was crazy  ($45000) !! I was wondering if anyone has any good reviews on Dr Walsh’s rhinoplasty skills .

Also if you have been to a consult / surgery with him how much was the average cost?

Some previous forums quoted $12000 but that was 5 years ago so it may have changed :(

I’d like to avoid the shock of being quoted close to 50 grand if I do go to a consult !

Thanks !


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I had my surgery (revision from another surgeon) with Patrick Walsh last year. He is fantastic and you can ask all the questions you like and he will answer all of them without judgement and while showing patience.

he also looks at the medical breathing side of things too.

in regards to price he is clearly not doing it for the money. I went for a consult with Chris moss (nurse) which I didn’t know until the day for my primary many years ago and was so pissed off this nurse couldn’t even answer my questions ie how many noses does he do a year, what’s his revision rate, pretty normal questions and I had to pay for the session and to book to see him for a consult after her was going to cost me $500!! 

I think from memory patrick walsh consult was $300-$400 but that includes the photo imaging and putting a camera up your nose. Also if you go ahead with the surgery that price comes off your total.


pm me for photos

All up this is my 5th surgery, 4 with the other surgeon and 5th with Patrick that has to fix the other surgeons work. 

I have days where I have more selling than others. I still have lots of swelling in the time and because I’ve had so many the swelling will be longer to heal for me maybe up to 2 years.

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Hey i have been MIA for a  while as my nose isnt my main concern because im super happy with it. Ive been getting a few messages which i didnt know but ill be slowly getting around to reply to everyone, sorry. I cant praise Patrick Walsh enough, my breathing is so much better, dont even have breathing problems anymore and no more nose drips. My nose looks very natural. 

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