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tuberous breast augmentation through restored beauty getaways???

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just wondering if anyone has had a BA to correct tuberous breasts over in thailand??

iv sent my pics off for a quote as the prices are amazing and they look like a really reputable company but im starting to see some horror stories with tuberous breasts and "double bubble" i think its called....

anyway i would really love some opinions..

i have also just sent off an interstate inquiry with dr tavakoli in sydney (im in melbourne) as his website has some amazing before and after pics for tuberous breasts so im assuming he specialises in them.....

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Hi, I have tubular breasts (grade4).

I also wanted to go to Thailand for the price but when I asked for a surgeon who specialises in this deformity they couldn't give me a name, they wanted pictures to pass around and then they would pick who would do them. That wasn't good enough for me as I don't want my boobs looking worse.

I have been studying the net for over a month now and it looks like Dr. tavakoli has the best outcomes and experience in tubular breasts. I was just quoted $15200 for my surgery. I haven't gone for a consult yet but will be soon.

I'm flying from Sunshine Coast QLD to see him.

Let me know how you go and what doctors you recommend as well.


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