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3 Months Post-Op.. .Cleared for anything :)

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Hey girls!

So i have just got back from my 3 month post op appointment - it has actually been 3.5 months due to a change in appointment date but oh well. Doc says everything is going great, and I am cleared to do anything or wear anything i want, any of the time ... so if i REALLLLYYY wanted to i could wear underwires full time, but my crop tops are just way too comfortable to give up wearing to work everyday! haha

My boobs are softening well - i already cant believe how soft they are so early post op! but apparantly they still wont be fully softened until 6-9 months PO in my case so i still have more to look forward to :) My scars are already starting to fade (according to doc) .. they still wont completely loose the faint purple colour until 6-9months but when they are healed i will only have a thin white line and they are well on their way. I cant see them when i look in the mirror.

I also got some stretch marks about the 2.5 month mark - by this time i thought i was out of the woods but apparently not! despite being quite upset at the time (as we do with anything that isnt perfect with our boobs!) They are really only noticeable when you are up close or looking for them - i dont think they even show up in the most current photos i uploaded! They have also already started to fade over the last month (maybe bcoz of the rosehip oil?) and i am told that they will be basically invisible once they fade properly.

I am cleared for any exercise i want to do - and so far havent had any problems doing it. I completed my first set of 5 kneeling push ups since my surgery last week which i was pretty stoked about as i SUCK at push ups .. even before the op lol

Also, i have had a couple of friends tell me that my boobs are the most "natural looking 'fake' boobs" they have seen. This is while i have been fully clothed so i guess that gives you an idea of how even a larger implant can look natural on some people :) take the clothes off though and they are slightly more fake looking .. however i still think i could pass off the "does she or doesnt she?" question!

I will be posting a copy of this in my 'story thread' so as to keep it completely up to date but since it is so long now it will be easier for people to read this one


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hi lozz, great to hear all going well.

My gf got stretch marks at the same time as you, she kept using Palmers Vitamin E Oil and they disapeared, I'm sure rose hip or any scar/stretch mark oil will do the same..

Did you keep up the oil/cream every day till now? Just curious as after a while i recon u'd be like hey no stretch marks i'll stop..

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Awesome Lozz! Great to hear your doing so well. Sorry to hear you got a few stretch marks.. I wouldn't have thought they could sneak up so long after.. I'm sure the rosehip will be helping though :)

Good job doing push ups! I suck at them also lol. How long was it after surgery that you felt ok/ comfortable to train your upper body? I'm so scared I'm not going to be able to work out for ages. I know I'll be scared to do any damage to my new babies

Thanks again for the update xx

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Yeah i kept up my rosehip oil // moisturizing every day bcoz i hadnt heard of a cut of time for stretch marks to appear! you would think they would turn up straight away but no!! haha i thought i should mention it as im sure it is a question others have coz it was sure one of mine!

I didnt start any upper body stuff until 3 months but i didnt try any earlier - i think i probably would have been fine by 6weeks - 2 months but i got really sick for about a month and then christmas ruined my routine for awhile after that! I did have quite a quick recovery from my surgery though. I think it is just really important to listen to your body post op - you should know when you feel up to it, and if you start slow and try some stuff and it is hurting or doesnt feel right then you can always leave it awhile longer. I actually didnt really do any upper body work before my BA but have recently got more intense with training and diet so this is all new to me! I havent had any problems so far though

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