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Choosing a clinic - weird before-after photos

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Hi all,

I am about to start my breast augmentation journey, and I am currently in the process of choosing a clinic. When I went through the websites of the top-rated clinics in my region, I noticed that one had very strange looking before-after photos. I was wondering, since I am new and I don't know much yet, is this after-surgery shape because the boobs haven't dropped and fluffed yet, or is it because of an incorrectly shaped pocket? 

I attached photos of the breasts, I am talking about that weird angled shape. As far as I can see, the after photos were taken after the healing of the surgical incision, which means that the breasts had time to drop. If it is because of the pocket shape, I will definitely scratch that clinic out of my list.

Thank you for your answers! 





360ml Motiva Demi u muscle11.jpg

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