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Consultation Question for surgeon?

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Hi I am very new and have a consultation booked with my surgeon via Skype and my mind is racing and blank all at the same time!!!

Is there any questions you wished you had of asked or forgot to ask I'm about to sit down and make a list but would love some heads up or some tips

Thanks in advance

Kiddi x

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Here is the list that I took in, Obviously some wont be applicable for a skype consult.


* What is the most common complications you have encountered?

* How many additional operations can I expect over my lifetime?

Pre Op

Bra’s/crop tops? What can/can’t be worn while recovering?

Twilight or General anaesthetic ?

Payment options? When do deposits/balances etc need to be paid? * What is your cancellation policy?

What medications should I avoid? What should I take prior – arnica etc?

Will I have to massage? If so, how often and for how long?

Post Op

How long until I can shower? What about sitting in a pool (not swimming)

Do you use drains?

Do you provide a surgical bra and/or strap and how long do I have to wear it?

How often will I have post-op appointments for follow-up?(and costs)

What happens if something goes wrong? Who is liable?

Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breasts postoperatively?

Any medications I should avoid/might need post op? Ie for constipation etc?

Sleeping on my back – how long for & why?

Questions to ask to yourself:

* Upon entering the office, is the office/lobby environment clean? How are the surroundings?

* Is the receptionist friendly and professional?

* Ask to use their restroom and notice its condition. Is it clean?

* Do I get a comfortable or uncomfortable feeling while in this office? (trust your gut!)

* Is the waiting period long or is your scheduled consultation appointment on time?

* Is the surgeon answering your questions completely?

* How is the surgeon's demeanor? Is he professional as well as competent?

* Is he taking appropriate time with you or is he rushing his answers to get you out of there quicker?

* Do you feel comfortable during your examination? Good bedside manner? (If he examines you.)

* How was my overall experience?

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