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Do you need to have large breasts naturally to accommodate BIGGER implants?

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering whether your natural boobs need to big to accommodate a larger implants. My breasts are very small & lacking volume...and judging by the photographs Dr. Harwood said that I could fit in 435s. In saying that, I'm quite curvy and not at all thin. That's probably why I could possibly fit in a larger implant.

Or is it dependent on width of the chest? Or skin elasticity?

Imagine those girls who get 800-1000cc's, their skin would have to be stretched like crazy! and many girls also have such a slender frame.

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hiya Pamela,

I was wondering the same question before my op...

I had a consult few consults before my op and most of the opinions were all different... leave you quite distressed to hear so many conflicting opinions.

one surgeon told my BDW was 11cm for both (even though one of my breast is clearly smaller) and that I would get 300CC max, I started with a fair amount of breast mind you. I was a large bcup

My actual my surgeon dr Suchart said my left was bigger, with a BWD of 12.5, for that breast I had an implant of 375 mod+, the width of the implant was 13cm. so perfect fit

for my right that was slighty smaller, the bWD was 12 and the implant I got was 400cc mod+ with a width of 13.1

My doc told me he would see in surgery if he can fit the 400cc in my right... well he did but I can assure that my right breast was sooooo much painful than my left, he lowered the crease of my right too, just a bit to make them similar.

I could tell that my recovery would have been much easier if I had chosen a smaller implant for my right... but then I wanted to even them out...

so yes the BWD & skin elasticy count a lot when choosing an implant...

I guess you could get the 800cc but you will be able to see the implant edge much more, mind you most of these girls need to have internal bra to support the weight of the implant.

I still don't know what is my final size... haven't been fitted yet... I guess I will end up like a DD-E but in clothes they really don't look that big or feel at all.

If you can go bigger go for it ;-)

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Hey :)

I went with Dr Harwood and I was indecisive with 380cc or 435cc because I was concerned with size, there's not much different between the two - I liked the 435 as it gave more side boob. I'm 1 week post op. I started out as like a 8/10 b/c.

My left was bigger than my right and it was harder to get the implant into my 435 without cutting more muscle and stretching my pocket.

Depends on your doctor - careless doctors will put anything you want in, as long as they get paid. You're in good hands with Dr H, he genuinely cares and knows what will look good on you.

Feel free to add me and check out my pics xx

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I think it depends on a combination of current breast tissue, skin elasticity and BWD.

I know it gets confusing because of all the different factors but I've only ever heard fantastic things about Dr. Harwood so I'm sure as long as you trust his skill and instincts, you should end up with a beautiful set of boobies. :)

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