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my EXACT meds routine - what to expect perhaps!!!!!!!!

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My boyfriend is amazing and he was by my side every single minute of the day... as you will see below he kept track of my medication and I thought this may.. or may not be useful for you ladies who are curious about medication. Hes put a few tips at the top as well, I've only just read this - he is so sweet!



6am 10am 2pm 6pm 10pm 2am 6am


8am 12pm 4pm 8pm 12am 4am 8am

(1-2 of the same brand) (Di-Gesic non drowsy) Mersyndol (Drowsy)

Antibiotics and Valium:

Antibiotics: 1 Keflex capsule 3 times a day

Valium: 1 Valium tablet 3 times a day

Breakfast (9am) Lunch (2pm) Dinner (7pm)

Sleeping Tablets:

Take 1-2 tablets right before bed


Place 1 on tongue and let disolve 12 hour gap minimum



Painkillers: 1:50pm, 6:36pm, 11:04pm

Valium: 7:26pm

Antibiotic: 7:26pm


Painkillers: 3:06am (Mersyndol), 8:01am (Mersyndol), 12:22pm, 5:12pm, 9:21pm

Valium: 8:01am, 2:36pm, 9:19pm

Antibiotic: 8:36am, 2:36pm, 9:20pm

Nauesa: around 5:30pm


Painkillers: 1:20am, 5:20am, 9:45am, 3:23pm, 7:21pm, 11:57pm (Mersyndol)

Valium: 5:20am, 12:45pm, 7:22pm

Antibiotic: 9:45am, 4:50pm, 10:10pm

3x Magnesium 12:45pm

1 Coloxyl with senna+


Painkillers: 6:48am (1x Mersyndol), 9:59am (2x Digesic), 2:09pm, 6:42pm, 11:15pm

Valium: 6:47am, 1:40pm

Antibiotic: 9:35am, 12:15pm, 4:30pm

Nausea: 6:49am


Painkillers: 7:26am (Mersyndol), dont take advil!! i accidently did 2x Advil 12:32pm, 2x Advil 4:30-5pm, 10:05pm (1x Mersnydol),

Valium: 2/3 7:30am, 1/3 5pm

Antibiotic: 8am, 4:30pm, 9:30pm


Painkillers: 3:36am (1x Mersyndol), 8:35am (2x Panadol)

Valium: 1/4 4:00am, under 1/4 11:48pm

Antibiotic: 12:40pm, 6:30pm, 9:35pm

Magnesium: 2x 12:40pm, 2x 6:30pm


Painkillers: 3:50am (1x Panadol), 6:34am (1x Mersyndol), 11:00am (2xPanadol)

Valium: under 1/4 3:50am

Antibiotic: 11:00am, 8:43pm

Magnesium: 11:00am (2x), 8:43pm (2x)

From this day I was just on panadol and magnesium tablets, virtually no pain at all. I really hope this gives some insight to your daily drug intake. Its a good idea if someone is taking care of you, for them to just have a word doc open on the laptop and just keep track.

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Did you get the ok off Dr H to have Advil??? I was told to stay away from it and any other ibuprofen. I had to get ok from him to take them 3 weeks post op as an anti-imflam when I got my Mondor's Cords?

Barbara told me to very strictly stick only with panadol/max or to get more mersyndol if I ran out.

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Yeah well we had ran out of digesic and my partner was trying to ween me off the mercyndal cause it made me super drowsy. He googled it and some surgeons advise you use it, others don't.. I guess it's just something to check with the doc! On the bright side.... My check up was perfect so it mustn't haven't done any fatal damage :)

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