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GA vs Twilight - experience

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I've noticed this question pops up regularly on the forum and as I have undergone both types of sedation in the past 6 weeks, thought I would share my thoughts on the two. I had twilight with my BA 6 weeks ago and a general for an umbilical hernia repair 2 days ago.

If I was to have a choice between them, I would definitely choose twilight. The recovery stage after the op was so much easier. I liked the fact that I was dressed before fully coming to rather than having to awkwardly dress myself while in some discomfort. The feeling of coming around was much gentler with the twilight too. With the general, I was drifting in and out for some time which I found disorienting and made me feel out of control. In the case of the twilight, I came to several times and held the same conversation each time (so my daughter tells me) before going back to sleep but I only recall the last time. I was a bit unusual with the twilight in that it took me over 2 hours in recovery (most are only there for 30-60 min). This was the same time it took after the GA too. I was, however, more alert once we got home after the general, possibly as the op was shorter so I may not have been 'under' as deep.

I was very nauseous after the twilight so I was given anti-nausea meds with the GA. Should I have twilight again I will be asking for this. My overall memory and feeling of the twilight was being happy. The only thing I really didn't like was the initial drug that makes you woozy. Caused a drunk feeling and made the room spin. I closed my eyes which helped the spinning but didn't alleviate the drunk feeling. This did also happen with the general, but it didn't last as long. May have had something to do with the anti-nausea drugs.

For noting, twilight op (BA) took about 1.5 hours, op under general about 45-60 min.

I hope this is helpful for some of you. More than happy to answer questions. Of course, this was my experience and it's different for everyone.

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Definitely won't remember anything. I do recall fleetingly seeing my new boobs while still lying on the table (surgery was definitely finished) and then that was it until a good hour later. I don't even remember declining tea or coffee and asking for water with the snack afterwards! If you get sick on the general, tell your plastic surgeon so they can address it with pre-meds. I had anti-nausea tablets afterwards but was still sick. I also wasn't hungry afterwards with either of the recent sedations.

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