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Did your breasts get BIGGER or SMALLER after first couple of weeks?!

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Hey Girls! :)

Another question whilst I am holed up in bed recovering :p

Did you find that your breasts were bigger straight after the surgery or did they get bigger weeks or months on?? I LOVE the size of mine now and hope they don't get smaller! My surgeon said I have no bruising and I am not very swollen so should stay the same size? I also don't mind if they get bigger when drop and fluff :p

So what were ur experiences? Were yours bigger to start with due to swelling or did yours increase in size as time went on??

Thanks girls :)

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Hi I found that mine got bigger around 6 weeks onwards, they felt large after surgery but think that was the swelling more so once they started dropping & fluffing they felt fantastic :-) if your happy with the size now then I'm sure they will stay the same or get slightly different shape so may appear or feel larger!

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