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buttock implants

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Funny someone mentioned this...

I told my mum about my BA today. She completely freaked!! I got the whole, "First a nosejob, now a boobjob. What's next? A buttjob?" lecture. Haha!!

I actually thought about it for a couple of minutes and when my sister realised she shut mum up straight away saying, "Don't give her any ideas!!" lol.

MissNewBoobies, my cousin is a professional bodybuilder. Total gym junkie and runs his own supplements business. He trains me and I'm always doing lunges and the all important squats (best butt workout) amongst other things to lift and shape my derrière but unfortunately I have a "white girl's butt" and even my cousin acknowledges that no matter how many squats I do, I'll never have an ass like Jessica Alba. So maybe buttock implants are the way to go? Not anytime soon, but possibly in the future?

I've heard they're not very safe so it would be nice to hear from someone who may have first-hand experience.

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OH! I bet I have a white girls butt too -- mines horrible!

Ive seen some before and after images and they're smoking hot butts! Im very jealous of good booties - I wish I had lots of money , I would do ths in a heart beat - as well as a nose job, chin reduction, and even a littl work down there ? Im not insecure at all... :| *Cough* :(

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I considered a chin reduction (mine is quite long and pointy) but after my nosejob I'm getting more and more used to it.

It's not about being insecure at all. It's just about seeing something you're not 100% happy with and having the courage to actually do something about it.

My motto is, "If you weren't born with it, buy it". Hehe.

Growing up I always thought once I had my nosejob done and got myself a new rack that would be it. But as I get older there are more and more things I'd like ot "tweak" just a little bit. If I had the money, I'd probably get lip implants, uper eyelid lift and perhaps actually seriously look into butt implants. To be honest if money was no object, I'd probably even just say "might as well" and go ahead with the chin reduction.

A few years ago all of these things wouldn't have even crossed my mind but it all seems so "normal" to me now hehe.

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I have a big bum and hate it! It's not nice looking like a 'booty' and I'd love lipo to sculpt it a bit. I need to lose a few kg first before I can work on making it look better but it's always the last place for my fat to go from. I have bad saddle bags :(

That YouTube clip of the lady flipping her implant seriously grossed me out too...

Have you guys looked at the brazil but lift DVD thingy? Some girls got great backsides from that program it has a program for what you want to do eg tone and tighten, lift and sculpt etc...

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Yeah, I've seen that DVD program Mrs-B but workouts like that only really work when you already have a butt to work with.

I've got hardly anything.

Thanks to my workout routine it's pretty perky but you can barely tell unless I'm naked. With jeans and other things on it almost goes straight down with no bump. That's why I'm so concerned about getting HP implants. I don't know if I'll balance out properly. :(

That YouTube clip grossed me out too but people have said it's because the surgeon stuffed up and didn't put the implants in properly.

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Apparently with all butt implants you have to make the pocket PERFECT.

I know it's the same with BAs but it's even more important with a buttjob because you're constantly applying pressure by sitting and lying on it so you always run the risk of moving it. If the pocket is too big, it will easily slip and flip around.

That poor lady's surgeon obviously made the pocket too big.

I watched a movie when I was little. Thinking back now I'm pretty sure it was a spoof but the general plot of the movie was that a famous olympic diver got butt implants and after he slipped off the ladder going up to dive and fell on his ass, one of the implants ruptured and the silicone from it ended up killing him.

They did the movie in a mocumentary style. I know it was just a joke but it's always stayed with me haha. That's what would always be in the back of my mind if I ever actually went through with it.

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