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Has Anyone Had Teardrop Overs??

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Hi Girls

I'm still trying to work out whether to go ahead with getting a BA, and am finding it a very hard decision to make. Everytime I think I've made up my mind to go for it, some doubt creeps in and puts me off!!

I've had two consults in melbourne, both recommended overs and one recommended teardrop shaped textured implants.

I'm wondering if any girls on here have had teardrop overs? I'm worried about the risk of rotation, especially as I do a lot of high impact exercise. Also worried that may get a rippling effect.

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Hey Cazbeth,

I am kind of in the same position (but not quite). My surgeon recommended textured overs. I have plenty of breast tissue and I am happy to get overs but I don't know why he suggested textured cohesive gel implants. I know a few people who have textured but I don't really know the difference between textured and smooth?

I know my surgeon mentioned that teardrop can rotate, that's why he mainly uses round implants.

I don't know much about the teardrop shape but I have seen a lot of girls with round implants that look natural.

Is there a reason he suggested teardrop?

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Hi littleblonde

I've read that the textured implants are meant to reduce the risk of capsular contraction but am not sure if it is true.

The surgeon that I had the consult with uses teardrop implants a lot, as he believes it to give a more natural look. From looking at the photos he showed me I would tend to agree. I also have a slight sag, and I think he said that the teardrop implants would help to give the boobs a bit of a 'lift'.

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Cherry pie has brazillian teardrop overs :)

Hi i do have the brazilian teardrop overs, from what my Dr told me, the polyeurthane textured implants have a rate of less than 1% at 15 years for capsular contracture. They also have the lowest rate of displacement, migration, and rotation. As far as turning goes or flipping that is very rare, and the teardrop implants need to be placed precisely by an experienced surgeon, in the pocket. They have to adhere to the breast surface, which happens during the recovery process. I went in at my pre-op and told my Dr that i wanted very natural looking breasts, teardrop give the most natural shape, follows the contour of the breast. It depends on what look your going for, my Dr usually does unders but in my case he suggested overs, and said it would also give a me a bit of a lift, i figure that he does this for a living, and has a very good reputation, so i went with what he recommended. With all breast implants no matter what kind they are, there is a small chance of complications, such as capsular contracture, or bottoming out and so on. These implants have been terrific for me 11 mths now and no issues at all. Work out the look you are going for and then be guided by your Dr, i think with rounds from what i read, you get more upper pole fullness, where as teardrop minimise upper pole and suppose to give a more natural look. Good luck girls with your choice.

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I initially had anatomical textured overs. I had enough tissue to cover them at top and at the time went quite small because I just wanted to be in proportion. On the 12 years I've had them most people when I tell them are surprised because they look so incredibly natural. They have also aged well with two kids they don't look like a rock in a sock like rounds sometimes can post kids.

This year I'm planning to get the done again as I developed capsules & it's time for an upgrade. I'll be going anatomical again but this time Brazilian. One because I've already had capsules so want to reduce that and two with revision surgery and anatomicals I want to further reduce the risk of rotation.

Anatomicals are great for lift because of where their main point of projection is and may save you a lift. That's what I'm hoping as they reason I went 290 first time around was in the hope that when it was time to get them done again I could just go a bit bigger.....fingers crossed.

Brazilian have covered for 10 years capsular contracture & rotation.

Good luck


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