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Does anyone have teardrop / moderate profile? Too confused

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Gahhhh!! This is so confusing and it is doing my head in.

I dont understand!! I look at Dr Harwoods photos and there are so many moderate / teardrops but they look completely different. Some I really like and some I don't like. I know it depends on different size/shape boobs to start with but they all look so different.

Please please please, if you have moderate profile / teardrop, can you please add me as friend so I can have a look at your before and afters. I don't want to get this wrong. I find most women on here have high profile

My surgery is not until 2 months away, but it is consuming my days trying to work out which one to choose. Dr Harwood advised to come back in and retry sizers on, but I reckon it will be as confusing, lol. Also, even though I thought my sizers were too big, now I am thinking they won't be big enough once they go under muscle, lol.

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What size implant did Dr Harwood advise? I'm booked in for surgery with Dr Harwood in March too but because I don't live nearby all our consults have been via email (with photos) and phone. I have tried rice sizers but it is still hard to get a feel for what the end result will look like!

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He told me I would lose about 10%. The size part isnt worrying me so much it is the profile. Should I just go with his recommendation of moderates? I sent him some photos of other before and afters who went high profile and he told me that it is because they are a lot narrower and I would not achieve the result that they had.

He also said that if in doubt and if I am tossing up between high and moderate to go high profile.

Is there really mush difference between the 2 profiles anyway?

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