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New PHOTOS - 3 weeks post-op 10B-10D/DD 380cc Dual Plane Round

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Hi girls,

This tuesday will be my 3 weeks post up so i've uploaded some pics over the weekend whilst i've got time.

I'm not sure it there's much change looks whise but they feel softer as my old breast tissue has come to the front of the implant where previously it was stretched so tighly, and there's also more jiggle/movement to them where b4 they were 'stuck' in place.

I've regained full sensation in my left breast and both nipples but my right breast nipple down is still numb but the area has reduced.

Week 2 I've been getting shooting pains in my right nipple but the nipple has come good so I think this is the nerve regeneration process. Other than that there is no pain and I can now sleep on my SIDE... whooo hoooo so over sleeping on my back!

I still feel like there is allot of fluffing to do up top, as you can see in the dress pic I still feel a bit self conscios of the fake lol well they are fake, who am I kidding ;)

I'm missing gym sooooo much :(, I actually had a 4 pack prior and now i just feel like there's bloating. I think I'm going to start walking my dog this week is she doesn't full too much.

Feel free to have a squiz friends and and other girls with similar stats & interest FR are welcome

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