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Have you breast fed AFTER getting implants?

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I had mine done when I was 22. 2 kids but unfortunately I wasn't able to properly breast feed either. They lost too much weight so after 5 days they both went to formulae.

I have anatomical implants and my husband says they look even more natural now. They go have sag and because I got capsules post my pregnancies I will be having them redone, one because of the capsules and two because of the appearance of them.

Unless you go very large and cause some tissue atrophy(death) which may affect the milk ducts there is no reason you shouldn't be able to breast feed, however keep in mind not all women can even if they don't have implants. Breast feeding can be hard work.

The appearance will change and its hard to know how they will look because it depends on so many things. But keep in mind, they are not a life time device so at some point they will require redoing for one reason or another.

First time round I chose to only get 290's even though I could have taken more but I knew that one day I would need to have then redone and I hope that I will be able to get slightly bigger implants without the lift......fingers crossed.

Good luck


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I've had kids first and now I'm having them done, the thing is when you fall pregnant and your milk comes in when bubs born they fill up an get massive so when you finish breast feeding or even if you can't and the milk dries up for a lot of people your boobs will then empty and you'll have saggy boobs. Kinda like someone who loses weight. That would be my only concern that you'd need them redone with a bigger implant or maybe a lift.

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