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Recovery - 3 weeks enough time?

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Hi girls,

Just wondering if some of you can share experiences or give opinions/advice - I'm booked in with Dr Harwood on March 12th (the earliest I can get) but have residential school starting April 2nd (I'm studying to be a nurse). Do you think 3 weeks is enough recovery time? I'm going to need to drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, probably take vitals/give needles etc etc. I'm hopeing I'll be okay to do it all? What do you girls think?

I've tried to get in as early as possible due to this & also because I'm getting married in October - I want my new boobies to have plenty of time to settle before then :) hopefully an earlier opening comes about, even a week or so - I read this forum religiously & think 4 weeks is a better time frame to allow myself to recover & be able to properly complete prac.

Ahh I'm so confused - I've thought of putting it off completely but I REALLY don't want too do that :)

Thanks so so much in advance for your help x

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