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Stretch marks after BA

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Hi girls

Just wondering if anybody got stretch marks on their new boobies. I imagine with the skin being stretched so tightly so quickly this could be a problem?

I've breastfed two babies and my boobs went from a 10b to a d when feeding and I didn't really get any stretch marks so I'm thinking I might be okay. But I do have one small fine stretch mark on my left boob and I'm wondering if my BA will make this worse? I plan on starting to use some bi oil a few weeks pre-op - not sure if that will make a difference?

Anybody have any experience with this? I'd hate to pay for new boobs and then end up with them covered in stretch marks?

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Hi Starbright,

Unfortunately it's not uncommon to get stretch marks post breast augmentation. Generally on the outer sides of each breast and a little to the top outer sides.

There are many factors that determine whether you will or won't. Age, skin laxity, the size of implants being inserted.

Bio-oil may help a little but most of it is already predetermined.

You will most likely find that that stretch mark you already have once filled with a breast implant will look a little bigger and stretched. But honestly it won't detract from your fabulous new breasts.

I was 22 when I had mine done and ended up with some mild stretch marks even though I went quite small 290g. Two kids of course made them worse.

If you did end up with stretch marks and they really worried you there are a few new laser treatments that look promising including Fraxel I think.


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I already have yucky stretch marks, theyre quite deep, when I loose weight in the boob area they are like white scar liney indents (cant explain very well lol) :(

I apply Palmers Stretch Mark cream on them every day and they dont really change... So does this mean its all for nothing and I'll get more do you think they will be darker in colour?

Say I was to get it lasered - is lasering over the implant going to damage it?

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Hey guys

Bio oil is really just all marketing it is no good, hope I can say that?

Pure vit e oil is prob the best (expensive) but very thick so could be mixed with bit of some other oil (anything jojoba, coconut, almond oil etc).

In terms of topical treatment that's your best bet but yeah I agree with the others that laser would be the most effective.

Don't waste your money on bio oil really doesn't do anything.

Good luck :)

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Unfortunately I think some people are more prone to it than others and although you can make them lesst severe, some people will still get them regardless of what they do to prevent them.

I have a friend who had close to no breast tissue and post op ended up a DD/E but has abcolutely no stretchmarks.

Then there are other women who get smaller implants like 250cc, only go up one or two sizes after already having a good amount of breast tissue and they are unlucky enough to be covered in stretchmarks. :(

It just depends on your own body.

I know I got horrible stretchmarks on my inner thighs from a sudden growth spurt in high school so I'm guessing I will probably get them on my boobs post op too.

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I have tried many different products, and dermalmd stretch mark serum has been the only one that has ever really made a difference. I started using it a couple of months ago on some stretch marks I have had since I was a teenager. It is amazing how faint they are now. Very happy with the product and would strongly recommend to anyone.

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