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New to the forum interested in Rhinoplasty

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I'm booked in with greensmith in melb in 5 sleeps, ill let you know how I go. I went with greensmith due to the lack of bad reviews and abundance of good ones. He does quite a few a year ( can't remember exactly but a lot) so you would think there would be bad reviews out there by now. Good luck on your journey. :)

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hi, i was wondering what it was that you are having the revision for?

Although I'm happy with the overall shape, I still have the slightest of bumps on my bridge and left side of my tip.

They're barely noticeable but I know they are there. Plus he offered to do the revision for free while I'm getting my BA done so I thought, "Why not?" hehe.

Realistically I could leave it as is as it's really not that noticeable but if it's for free, I might as well get it done. :)

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