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Anyone had BR /TT and thigh lipo all at the same time?

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I haven't had my surgery yet but I did see a few surgeons here in Perth and they were happy to do a TT and BL with implants at the same time. I have chosen to go to Bangkok and my surgeon will be doing all of it in the one day :) I think I'd rather get it all done and have one recovery period, I've heard from some of the ladies that you don't notice the pain from your boobs as much because the TT takes away the focus on it.

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I'm having a BL and TT with lipo in the same procedure. The way I see it, the first few days will be absolutely horrible, but its only a few days and there are strong painkillers available. I read of one girl here who had planned to have her boobs done a couple of days after her TT and changed her mind because of the pain. I don't know if I'd be able to go back again. I also save on costs by combining procedures - one hospital stay, one anesthetists fee etc.

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