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Ok, so I'm 35 y/o and my breasts  are almost gone.  Back story... growing up I was always overweight.  I was 190lbs in high school.  Everyone always said that I "wore my weight well", which is neither here nor there. At 20 I got pregnant with my son at 209lbs. Pre- pregnancy my breasts were a 36/38DD. I had nice full breasts my entire life almost.  When I gave birth to my son, Brodie,  I clocked in at 262 lbs and 38EE. I had to have my nursing bra custom made at the hospital where I birthed him due to the size.  I had a rough time in my 20s with my weight fluctuating. The more it fluctuated, the smaller my breasts seemed to get.  It's like they would shrink and not come back, and if they did it wouldnt be very much. They have always sagged very bad when I was slim, more and more each time. So now I am 35 and in great shape.  My body looks great, except my c-section belly and my entirely deflated breasts. I can still sometimes wear a 34/32D but mostly C and that is only because of the skin left behind. I live in southeastern Mass and I need a doctor that is affordable and will take payments.  As a single mother paying for it outright is out of the question.  I can pay for maybe half up front.  I have applied for financing and my credit is not good enough yet. I'm still working on getting it back in order after a rough time a few years ago. This ruined my last marriage, and my husband now lives me either way, but they are at their worst ever right now.  I am weighing in at 150lbs, 5'4, and these 34/32 deflated pancake things on my chest. HELP!!! Please I am desperate.  My self-esteem is in the trash and it shouldn't be because I look great.. the bra creates an illusion to help the external facade.



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