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One breast harder than the other?

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Hey girls:)

Not sure if this is a silly question and this is perfectly nomal.. But needed to ask anyway:)

So I'm 4days PO today and feeling really good! I have noticed though, that my R breast is a lot firmer than the L. I know brazilians are quiet firm for sometime po but I guess I'm just been paranoid about every little thing atm.

My L breast was SLIGHtly smaller than my R so I kinda thought the L would be the firmer/ tighter feeling one since I guess it would be stretched more? In saying that, I am R handed...

Could this just be more fluid on the R? Or more developed muscle wise?

Has anyone else had the same thing?

Thanks xxx

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If your right arm is your dominant arm, than that muscle is going to be alot firmer. Same goes with mine, my right is harder than my left.. my doc basically told me to try and avoid using my right arm for most things so Ive been opening doors with my opposite hand etc. Its helping. :)

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