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Newbie dreaming about breast lift in Samui, Thailand

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Hi all,

Just joined this forum and I've been reading all evening - you guys are amazing :-)

I'm turning 40 in July and I've booked two weeks off work and return flights to Thailand - woohoo - this is happening! At the moment I'm in discussion with the Bangkok International Hospital in Samui* about having breast lift there. They seem pretty good but it is hard to know...

So my questions for anyone with any experience of any of this...

- has anyone been with them? I searched and didn't find anything on here - I guess everyone goes to Phuket or Bangkok. The reason I'm thinking of Samui is that I know someone that runs a little guest house there, where I'm planning to go and recover. But I could always go elsewhere...

- has anyone had a breast lift (in Thailand or elsewhere)? What do I need to know?

Thanks, all, for any info, particularly about the BKK International Hosp in Samui :-)


This is their website: http://www.samuihospital.com/plastic-surgery-packages.html

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Hi girl!

Just a newbie in this forum as well and I’m also planning to have BA done in Thailand later this year. I’m now researching about the hospitals / clinics in both Bangkok and Phuket. I found it very interesting you mention Bangkok Samui Hospital. Think I’ll check with this hospital also. What I heard from my girl friend who did BA in Bangkok, she’s very satisfying with the result. She had contacted Bangkok Hospital and Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic. She said both have good reputation and skillful surgeons. But she chose Bangkok Plastic Surgery because of the cheaper cost. From what I heard, Bangkok Hospital and their branches around Thailand are considered one of the top hospitals. I think you will be good in the right hands of surgeon and service. Do you know the name of your surgeon? I think you can check the surgeon’s expertise and the post service the hospital gives. Also the cost that suits you. Wish you all the lucks and keep me updated about your trip girl! x

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