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The diary of Silentrose

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I'm alive. And I excuse all my spelling mistakes as I'm just on my iPad.

I arrive dot Phuket on Saturday morning. Have had a few massages since then and my last one just yesterday.

Was picked up at my hotel at 8am this morning and taken to the hospital for my consultation at 8.30am. Met with dr Boonchai and he is a lovely man. Showed him some pictures of breast that I liked and he recommended to go with round profile a bit bigger size. I tried on a few different sizes: 250, 260, 300 and 325cc's. decided to go with the 300cc as I don't want too big of bret tissues. He was asking if I was lifting weights - heavy weights as a body builder, and my boyfriend said: Yes she is. In my eyes I'm not really because I only do crossfit. Either way then he was talking about going over the muscle because sometimes going under the muscle you can see the muscles move on top of the implants. I decided to keep with the submuscular placement as I want a fairly natural look.

They took me to my room at 10.30am where I got changed into my hospital gown (the skirt thing is really big, almost falling off!). Then I had my drip put in and as I've never had any surgery before I was surprised by how much it actually hurt- but the nurse did warn me though.

I was taken into surgery at 11.15 and met the anaesthesiologist who was very nice! Spoke really good English - pretty much an American accent.

Honestly I didn't feel too nervous and was quite calm (in my own eyes) had some minor butterflies going on and minor nerves but that is expected.

They put in the anaesthesia and said I would probably feel a bit dizzy and then I was out. Woke up in the ICU not knowing where I was and feeling a big tightness in my chest while having the chills. I had a look at the time when I woke up and it was around 5pm then so the surgery was quite long - Dr B said around 4-5 hours. At 5.40 they took me to my private room that is very nice and has a little sofa for my bf to sleep on. The nurses are very nice and I have been awake for a while now with a nap earlier. Going back to sleep shortly.

My chest is a bit tight and I can't really move my body too much. Up and down with inclination hurt too but I can move my arms pretty well not too far up over my head as I don't want to complicate things.

They have just been in here with the mess for the night and I am feeling pretty tired now....

Will be updating more tomorrow!

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Congrats!! Bet ur glad that part is over now just for the recovery, hoping its all smooth and quick for you :)

It can take up to two hours to regain conciousness after GA so the surgery may not have been as long as you thought.. It took me two hours anyway to wake enough to know what was going on (with other surgeries i havent had my BA yet)

Good luck with recovery :) yay!!

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