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rhinoplasty complications

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Hi, I had a rhinoplasty about two and half years ago. My doctor told me it should fully heal in a year. I hasn't and doesn't look like it's about to anytime soon. It's very difficult to breath and sleep, and it's still swallon and hard to touch. My surgeon doesn't respond to me. 

Please advise

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Hi Anubisxlll,

That is very disheartening to hear. Did you have your surgery locally or overseas? Have you had your nose reviewed by any surgeons or doctors to rule out that there is no infection?

It might be worthwhile having a consult with an ENT just to make sure the structure of the nose is not what is causing issues.

Swelling wise - depending on skin thickness it can take a while to completely heal. If it's also hard to the touch - I'd be asking your surgeons office for a surgical report to try and understand if it's due to grafting. 

Don't lose hope - I am sure there is a surgeon that can help you to resolve the issues you are facing.

Are you comfortable naming who you had surgery with?

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