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Did someone say....NIPS!!

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Ok ladies, so I'm 6 days post op and only this afternoon have I noticed that my nipples are erect to the max and hard haha

I'm guessing this is normal? I was a little bit worried as I ventured out to the city today and kind of thinking I may have been headlighting everyone haha oops!

They're still numb so don't feel anything, just interesting :)



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Pain is nothing compared to the first 3 days!! I stopped taking panedein forte night 3 and changed to panadol rapid when needed which has probably been 3 times in total. I experience stabbing pain and shortness of breath when walking more than 10 mins. Overall though I would desceibe it more as discomfort at this stage

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Lol... I'm day 5 post op and experiencing the same thing. They have a tiny but of sensation coming back but still largely numb and on high-beam!!! It's weird but cool... I'm loving actually having boobs! Good luck with your recovery!

Haha I know jax, very weird. How are you feeling @ day 5?

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