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Dr Veerawat ladies

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Hi girls

I've noticed a few of us popping up with upcoming surgeries to be done by Dr V.

Thought I'd start a thread on here to keep us all updated with our procedures etc. this would also then be useful to any other girls trying to find research on him.

I'm having my BA done by Dr V on 9 July at PIAC. Can't wait :)

Anyone else? Or anybody have a story about a surgery they've already had with Dr V - I'd love to hear it.

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Im in the process of booking in with him for late march early april for BA. Very excited!! ive heard nothing but good stories.

Are you all going through an agency? or booking directly through PIAC?

I've booked directly through the hospital! They have Ben so easy to deal with and only too happy to answer any questions I've had. All you have to do is book your own flights and accommodation .... Easy!

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Hey ladies!

I'm booked in with Dr V on 28th of feb!!! Getting so close now really nervous but so excited! Everyone I have talked to are so impressed by him..haven't heard a bad thing! Best of luck to everyone! Ill get u all updated as I know how good it is hearing about people's experiences! :)

Hi so exciting not long to wait sending u FR as I'm too seeing him in April :)

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