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Need any feedback on Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi!

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My friend had hers with him. She started off with very little breast tissue and ended up with a DD (sometimes an E in certain bras I believe).

They sit really nice and perky.

She got saline unders. They're still quite firm but not hard (and she admitted she didn't do her massages like she was supposed to so that might have a lot to do with their feel).

They look great though and she is so happy.

I had gone for a consultation there but decided against him because I felt like the patient advisor didn't really answer any of my questions. I felt like she skirted around anything I asked and only gave me information she wanted me to know (not what I felt I wanted and needed to know). It felt very clinical and honestly I felt just like a number to her.

When my friend was talking about the patient advisor when talking about her experience though, she was referring to them as a "he" so perhaps the staff changed after I went for my consultation.

I didn't actually even bother meeting with the surgeon (I'm from out of town and didn't want to pay extra coming back for another booking) so I can't say anything about him but my friend said he's really nice. :)

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My sister had a consultation with him and he advised her on saline under the muscle implants with an areola incision.

She decided to go with someone else though because she wasnt sure about saline and also the price was pretty expensive with no hospital stay.

She did say though that she liked him, he seemed confident that he could give her what she wanted.

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Hi kazzy 67

I have had two consults with Melbourne Plastic Surgery Centre in Caulfield, At my last consult which was on friday i met Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi for the first time, To be honest he didnt win me over right away personally, But in terms of what i want and the look im after i felt postive in knowing he could achieve that.. I have made a booking for my surgery with him for the 5th of march.

His price was alittle out of my range, He has quoted me just under 15k.. Did you also get the same?

My implants will be silicon smooth texture, HP, Over's and 520cc.. I am currently a small a cup and am after the big round porn star-ish look, Hehe :)

I hope your surgery goes well with him and i would love to know what you think about it.

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