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Botox/injectables Phuket

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Hey rose,

I had 20 units in my forehead in August. (In australia) It was amazing. It takes 2 weeks for it to have any effect. I thought it was instant!! Any way I LOVED it. Downside is that it only last 3-4 months which is annoying, I'm thinking of having a top up while I'm there for my BA :) x

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I've had it done here and looooved it - I got a really cheap deal tho so I'm waiting for another one to come up. If another deal doesn't surface here before I go I might get Dr V to throw in a bit of Botox as well lol :)

I looked at his prices and I think it's cheaper than Oz, but I still got it cheaper with my deal here. I only paid $150 for about 25 units.

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