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Hi all,

I had my tummy tuck, BL &BA yesterday and just wanted to say I'm Feeli g pretty good ! Not much pain at all.

I had prepared myself for the worst and it's been really good so far. They are taking me off the PCA pump tomorrow so hopefully I wont be in too much pain without it.

Thanks for all the support I've received from everyone so far.


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Hi all

Thought I would give an update ! I had my surgery Tuesday and all has gone well so far.

It's day 5 (Sunday)I had one drain removed Friday and am supposed to be having the other drain removed this morning and providing all goes well I'm allowed home tomorrow.

We had a bit of a hiccup Friday night the drs thought I had a DVT ( blood clot ) in my leg, so I was whisked off by ambulance yesterday morning to have test. Was given the all clear thank goodness.

I haven't been able to see my tummy yet, I had a quick peak at my breasts but even then they had gauze and padding over them. Should see it ally this afternoon when all the dressings come off for my first shower YAY so looking forward to that but also I'm a little nervous taking the binder off.

I was taken off the PCA pain pump Thursday night and was scared that I would be in pain but honestly I really have none. My breasts are latte tender today feel like when your breast feeding and need to feed. I had a 5-6cm separation in my abs but even they are not really painful. All I'm taking is 1 Endone before if got to sleep and panadol when they give it to me but I certainly don't feel like i need it. The worst part is my butt is sore from sitting all the time and my lower back is starting to ache a little,oh and the wind pain now that is painful. I had myself all prepared for the worst pain of my life and it was all for nothing. My binder is pretty comfortable and my after surgery bra is also comfortable.

Will let you all know what I think when I finally see my body for the first time ;)


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