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Wrong Implants Used! HELP!

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I am posting this on behalf of my sister who underwent her first breast augmentation 3 weeks ago with a Cosmetic Surgeon in Sydney. Initially she was booked in for Friday afternoon, she was left waiting for 4.5 hours for her surgery, only to be told at 7:30pm that it wouldn't be happening that day and she would have to come back the next week. Mentally and physically this was really hard on my sister as you could imagine. The following Tuesday she went in for surgery and came out thinking everything was fine apart from the pain. But she noticed that the card she received for her Mentor implants was for right and left - 425cc, when it had been agreed prior to surgery that she had to have 425cc on her right breast and 350cc on her left. This is due to a large difference in the size of her original breasts. When she asked the Surgeon, nurses and hospital about what was put in, no one seemed to be able to tell her what was put in. She is completely beside herself because she believes that the wrong implants have been used and the fact that her surgeon has stuffed her around so much, now not even knowing what he has put in her body. 

He has called her today offering to open her back up to check what size implants have been put in, "to help ease her worry about it". I myself have had breast surgery twice and have never heard of anything like this happening. Has anyone heard of this happening before and what should she do now? She doesn't trust this doctor going near her again and I feel its a case of medical negligence. 

Thank you girls 


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