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Did your breasts get bigger or smaller after the "drop and fluff" process?

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I think that they will fit a larger cup better once they drop- for some people that is in the first week, others it can take months. Initially they will sit too high to fill a fitted cup, but once they drop they will fill out the lower half of the bra. SO yes, I think they can seem bigger once they are done, but it does depend on the placement (over or under etc) and the type of implant... also some women have more swelling than others. If you feel like they are not too swollen at 10 days, and haven't dropped into the right postition (as in, still looking like square bricks :) you probably still have some growth to go. I went from a "c" cup to a "D" in the first month.

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I think as you got unders you would more than likely appear bigger as your muscles relax and allow the implants more room to "spread out" in a sense.

Unfortunately it's just a waiting game but I'm sure it's a very exciting time for you!! :) I can't wait to be at the stage where I'm wondering how mine will end up...it just means I would have boobs by that point hehe. :D

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