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What to buy?

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Hey Ladies,

Right 13 days to go! Till BA! I'm heading out shopping over the weekend to buy comfy clothes for recovery,, most of my clothes require a bit of effort to get into .i.e lifting my arms etc.

Does anyone have any ideas or what did you wear during recovery, I can imagine it would be almost impossible to put undies on to start with ? Ha ha

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Hey Ozpixie,

I was thinking the same thing! I mostly wear tight fitting singlets, not sure if I own anything that even has buttons on the front, except for my cardigans.

My friend had her BA a few years ago and I recently asked her what she wore (we share a similar style). She said that purchased a few front zip tops off Ebay and that she wore jeggings and trackies/shorts. She told me that jeans were a nightmare to take off as they required more bending and pulling. Considering that it is warm, we may be able to wear maxi dresses, maybe strapless ones? They might be easy to pulll off our bodies. I have a few that are stretchy on the top (the elastic ones). I only have one top with a front zip, I might live in it for a while, lol.

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