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BA booked with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi in caulfield

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So I'm all new to this but would really love some feedback and what not..

I have booked my BA with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi who works in cauldfield, Melbourne..

I have not red much reviews on him, And well im paying close to 15k, My surgery is booked for a months time (5th of march)..

I am currently a 10-12A cup and going a DD/E..

The implant we have decided on is round HP, 520cc..

Even with that size has there been any other girls out there who have had these size implants before?

And any experence's with this PS?

Any feedback i would love, Thanks!

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Hey Pinky Karlie,

In my opinion, 15k is a lot of money for a BA. Is that the only quote you were given? I was quoted 10k, which I am very happy with and my surgeon is lovely.

If you feel comfortable with your surgeon and you like his work, then follow your gut feeling. I only got one opinion and I knew he was the surgeon for me. My surgeon is not very well known on this forum, or through the internet. But he is a specialist plastic surgeon with plenty of experience and was highly recommended by a few GP's also.

I am only going 275CC as I am very petite, but he has ordered a few implants for the surgery date, if I change my mind by then I might get 300CC. But I will have a month and a half to make my mind up.

I am getting round overs, hopefully they will look just as good as they did in my 3D images :)

A close friend of mine has 550CC (I think)round under muscle, and hers do look very big. A bit of a pornstar look, but that's what she wanted. It depends on the look you're wanting.

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Hi Pinky Karlie,

My sister also had a consultation with Dr Mansoor and was given the same quote. She decided against going with him as he uses saline not silicone implants and i think you will find the majority of people here have silicone because it addresses alot of the issues with saline i.e. rippling etc.

I think my first point of call would be to do some research on saline/silicone and decide what you would like. In my opinion, you would benefit from at least having a consultation with another plastic surgeon and getting another opinion on what implant size and type would work well for you.

500+ sounds really big, but one thing i have come to learn on this forum and seeing all the before and after pictures is that 200cc on one girl may take her to a DD and may take another girl to a C cup. Everyone is different and alot depends on your own height, weight and breast width diameter.

Good luck with it all and i hope you stay around and keep us updated on how you go

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Yeah i know 15k is alot of money, I have not too happy with the price and i still have time to change my mind, Which i was maybe going to try and get a consult with the PS you mentioned to me in our other convo, I am wondering tho if the price will change because of how big i want, Mine will be over, And smooth silicon.. I think i have just got alittle too excited and not really thought too much about the big $$ involved with my PS.. He isnt very well known online either, And to be honest he didnt win me over right away, His sidekick was more nice to me than he actually was.. Hrmm i dunno i might call breast.com tomorrow and see if they can get me a consult with dean, Just red your reply, He sounds great and im glad the 3D went really well, I have not yet tried that, But before i make any 100% choices im going to see what else is out there, Your PS sounds great, And the price sounds even better..

Im pretty tall and have curves and a no boobs atm hahaha.. But the 520cc fit my body shape really well and im for sure after a big porn star look lol, I love the fake round big boobies, Lol

Thanks again for all your help :)

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Thanks TheFox, Im not too happy with his price and he has been the only consult i have had, Though i have looked into many many PS in my time of re-searching on BA.. I have decided i want a silicone implant and Dr Mansoor was happy to give me that, I am pretty tall and have curves so the 520cc does not look to masive on my body, Im after that big round fake look anyhow haha..

But yeah your right everyone's body shape and breast dismeter is all different,Dr Mansoor measured me all up and said that size would suit me and not look too big, Which i also agree on.. I might get another consult with another PS i have been told about by littleblondie who sounds great.. The $$$ he charges are alittle out of my price range, I just think i let my excitment get the better of me.. Haha dont we all :p

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I think it's best to shop around. I found a bargain and it makes my experience even more exciting 'cause my budget was 12k, my quote was 10k which means I have 2k left over to spoil myself with some sexy new clothes :)

Dean isn't charging me more if I go bigger. I don't think he does. He didn't charge me for my second consultation or my 3D images.

My surgery will be performed at Linely Clinic Private Hospital. Their facilities are great. I will have my own private suite, where as if I went through Epworth Private i'd have to share a room! Plus Epworth was an extra $1400 than Linely. Sometimes you pay more for the hospital than the surgeon.

The Linely Private only accept patients who are there for plastic surgery and their nurses are specially trained in those feilds.

I hope you find the right surgeon, keep us updated. Best of luck darl :) At least we know that sooner or later we will be strutting around with big boobs! Yay.

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Yess we will be walking around with big boobies soon either way!! :)

So happy.. I called breast.com today and asked about my surgeon if he was listed with them, And thankfully they said yes, They also said hes a great surgeon which is nice to know from others, I just am alittle unsure because of the price, I also spoke to them about dean trotter, And howard webster who is breast.com CEO which i had no idea about, But both him and dean work at arc and howard offers free consults if you mention you found him on realself.com so sadly because howard is the ceo they couldnt make a consult with him and arc is closed so i will either try tomorrow which i doubt they will be open, But hopefully i can get a consult with howard, They lady i spoke to on the phone said he is such a nice man and that if she ever wanted PS she would go to him, I red alot of good feedback on him too, So am keen to check him out, I am hoping since him and dean both work at arc prices will be the same, What do you think?

And you getting a loan for your BA?.. I will be and am thinking a personal from my bank which is also cheaper in interest than say mac credit.. I am currently paying off a new car also, So if anything id rather pay off my car before my boobs so i think that will work best for me, Though i dont have alot of time to make up my mind with my PS so hopefully arc are open tomorrow!! :)

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Howard Webster is an excellent surgeon also. I am not sure about his pricing but he is very well-known in my town, as well as dean. We have Arc here and my first consultation was local and I travelled to Melbourne for my second one. They have very lovely facilities and Dean's assistant was so friendly. It was such a relaxed atmosphere for me.

The main reason I stuck with Dean was because he made me feel very comfortable (I am usually so shy) but I felt like i'd known him forever and he even made general conversation with me and took his time to explain things in detail. Both of my consultations lasted over an hour and he was a good listener with a positive attitude.

I am sure you would feel great with eithet Dean or Howard, my friend had a TT through Howard and highly recommended him.

As for money, i'm paying cash 'cause I had been saving for a house deposit and I saved much more then I thought i'd needed, therefore I was left with a good amount of extra cash. I didn't want to take out a loan or finance for my BA 'cause i'm a first home buyer and I am scared of not being able to make repayments that extra amount for my BA. Luckily I bought my car outright so my only loan is for my house. I could have put my remaining money towards my home loan but I was very desperate to get new boobs! My close friend took out a personal loan for her BA and another used her credit card. I'm not sure which one provides lower intetest but they both paid it off early. Let me know if you get through to Arc. I would love to hear about your thoughts on them and also Dr. Mansoor :)

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Hey littleblonde.

So i called ARC today and spoke to one of the ladies and getting a consult with howard webter but hes booked out until mid march which is when im wanting to have my BA done, So i also asked about dean trotter and he is also booked out until around then, They said because im a new paitent ill need a longer consult around 60mins she said, But i told her my story on how ive already booked in with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi and that the price was alittle high and that i wanted to see my options etc but sadly that was the only time she could get me in, So i decided not too take the consult with ARC as its going out of my time frame sadly (Because i wanted to have my boobies before my birthday and pretty much healed, Which is the start of may, So im giving my body just over a month to settle down)

Im alittle dissapointed i couldnt get anything with ARC as they seem great.. But im willing to pay the extra knowing im in great hands as ive heard and my PS seemed like he knew what i wanted.. And well that means i get big boobies in only 4 weeks time! :D

Exciting stuff tho this has been something i have thought about and this is my final decision, Im not 100% with my choice but im pretty close to it, The only thing im unsure about is the money, I know i prob sound like a tight ass lol but its only because i already have a loan for my car, I can afford it its just i would rather not spend that huge amount, But i keep asking myself how much and how long have i wanted big boobs for.. Well the answer is always for so long and so bad! So im sticking with what i want and not going to try and think about the money too much haha.. So now its all sorting out my loan etc.. Wooooo! :)

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I'm glad you made your decision. I was also impatient as I wanted my BA in March, so I could be healed before my birthday. I also wanted to enjoy them before it gets cold, lol.

I didn't want to spend too much on my BA 'cause I am new to being a home owner and i'm trying to put extra towards my mortgage in order to bring the interest down a little.

I am sure you'll be fine and I am happy to hear that you've made your decision. Please keep me updated, as you're going in a couple of weeks before me. How exciting! Yay :) I think your money will be well spent.

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Hey littleblonde!

So just as i made my decision i recieved a call from a wonderful lady at arc yesterday who managed to get me a free consult with howard webster which is great, I was so happy, She was so helpful and really tried hard to get me this consult, So i have now decided that i will go to the consult at arc this friday which is also my cut off date for my payment with my other PS so i will have to call them and let them know i will have my decision late friday arfternoon.. Even if i dont go with howard (Which will prob be only if he has a huge waiting list) but it will still be great to have a second consult with a different PS as i havent yet done that.. Im so excited that its all happening, So fast and i can hardly sleep at night because all i keep thinking about is what close will and wont fit me anymore and what i will look like, What the pain will be like etc.. Just want them done now to be honest haha!!

I have also decided to pay for my boobs on a credit card with a bank that is offereing intrest free for the first 6months and then i can transfer to another bank who will buy out my card and most offer another 6 or so months instrest free, So i can pretty much pay off my boobs with intrest free, Sounds dodgy i know but a few of the guys including my boss at work have told me they do that, It sounds logical and i feel it'll be the easiest way for me to pay off my boobs, I did however wanna pay off my car first but this will work just fine!

Your so lucky you payed cash for your car and your boobs and have a house at such a young age, You must be so good with money, I spend, Spend and spend.. Terrible with saving but now that i have my car and will soon have my boobs i must learn to save my money!

Ill be in touch and let you know how my consult with howard goes on friday! :)

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