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Ladies with young babies after TT

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Hi Ladies, I've been talking to the wonderful Sydneymum about mother duties post TT. I have pretty bad seperation, but not too bad a tummy if that even makes sense.. Im on the border of needing a mini tuck and muscle repair rather than a full tummy tuck. I am also having a BA at the same time. Im fit, young, pretty strong and will be in hospital for 3 nights post surgery. When I get home I have my 3 best friends taking turns to be here, and 'be me' for 2 weeks. So they will do all the cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, taking care of my 2 boys on the days they arent at preschool or my mother in laws. I work 3 days a week so they go preschool Monday and Tuesdays and to my mother in law Wednesdays. So they'll have the boys here and me Thursdays and Fridays, the other weekdays, just me, and weekends my husband will be here to help. I have a 1 year old and a 2.5 year old, they are very very active little boys. 2,5 year od no naps anymore, 1 year old 1 nap sometimes 2. I need to lift the 1 year old constantly - in and out of the highchair (can feed him on the floor on a rug if necessary, but makes it difficult as he will constantly be running away so possibly worse?) in and out of the cot, change table,, car seat, if he's screaming etc. I sometimes have to lift the 2,5 year old, and the 1 year old at once - eg running towards a road at the local park lol. SO I thought having that help for 2 weeks was plenty and Id then be fine? To do all the mother, wife things? Ill be back at work then too... who else has had a tt with 2 little bubs and been fine to lift them etc after 2 weeks? Give me hope please!

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I had a tummy tuck and I def could not lift the kids at two weeks. It still hurts now at 7 weeks. My little boy is about 15kg and little girl is 13kg. I was probably a month before I could quickly life them on to chairs etc but even now it hurts carrying them.

I took a month off work. My job is semi physical so I had to be careful and it still hurt bending over etc.

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