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Itchy after BA?

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Hey girls,

Sorry!! Just one more question..

I've remember itching my hip in my sleep last night and I just noticed it looks like a little rash? It's now starting to get itchy in between my boobs/ cleavage.. And kinda looks like a rash starting.

Sorry my questions are so random.. I'm just over thinking every little thing.

I remember reading somewhere that some people get a rash from brazilian implants?

I see my surgeon on Monday anyway but just wanted to see what you all thought? Or has anyone experienced itchiness with brazilians?

I have been using the anti bacterial body wash that I was told to use pre op and do have pretty sensitive skin, so maybe it's just the change in product. Waahh



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I did see a story on rashes from Brazilian implants. It can become quite red and itchy ler the entire breast from memory. I think it said it will go away in time as the body adjusts. Ill google to see if I can find the article I read.


I found this

This statement which is pretty reassuring .

Occasionally cause an allergic skin rash (1-2%). It generally begins within 2 weeks of surgery and is characterised by diffuse erythematous (redness) rash and pruritis (itching) and subsides spontaneously within 2 – 4 weeks. It can be treated with anti-histamines.

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Thanks for that wantbbss:)

That's reassuring if it does have anything to do with my brazilians.

It hasn't developed yet over my breasts.. Still a little itchy inbetween my cleavage today.

The rash is in blotches, one on my left hip and rib and a blotch on the other side of my rib.

It's not spreading. It's weird though.. I'm not sure it's from my boobs now or if I have had a reaction to maybe something.

I might go and get some antihistamines and see if that helps..

Thanks for your reply hun xx

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