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Newbie from Perth seeking Breast Reduction tips

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I have just come across this forum as I am seeing a couple of Plastic Surgeons this week about getting a BR.

I hope to go from a saggy 12DD/E to a C cup. I will be seeing Mark Hanikeri and Andrew Crocker and will chose between the 2.

If anyone has had the procedure done by either, I would appreciate your feedback and also any comments in regards to downtime and scars that would be great. Thanks :):):):)

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Hi WishingforCcups,

Ask the PS to thoroughly explain how many cc's are in a cup size, so you are both on the same page with the end result. I think it is about 150cc per cup size.

Sift through the tonnes of pictures on the internet of BR's with and without implants. Know the resulting look you would like to get close to. If you choose to go the route without implants, make sure you have enough breast tissue for upper fullness if that is your concern.

Having done both a lift/BR and small implants. BR pain was the most painful. Be informed about the procedure, understanding of the recovery period and realists with possible outcome.

I think it's harder on our expectations when we're not going from a perfect symmetrical small A or B and only getting implants.

Find a surgeon who does your procedure on a regular basis, look at his before and after pictures and make sure there are no negative reviews.

I'm sure there are a few girls here that have performed a BR in Australia. Use the search function and and pm them for their advice/ opinions.

Cheers and Good Luck

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HI there, I had my massive boobies reduced about 6 mths ago, so I can give you some info.

From what I understand, you should be able to get the size you want as it's not a huge reduction. I had nearly 3kgs taken off and have ended up around a D cup, which is bigger than I wanted, but there's a limit to what can be removed and keep the nipple viable. I'd suggest you make it clear you want a C cup, maybe take pictures and a sample bra in to your consult.

As to down time - follow your surgeons instructions! You may be able to go back to a sedentary job after 2-3 weeks, if you're up to it. Hard work, walking the dog, exercise involving your arms need to wait at least 6 weeks, maybe more. You'll get strange aches and tingles for some time, but everything will settle down.

It took about 3 mths for my swelling and bruising to really go, but I bruise and scar really badly.

I was expecting bad scars, but they're looking great, mostly gone except for a few inches of keloid scarring on each side. I wasn't able to wear tapes for long, and started using Bio-oil as soon as the wounds had healed. My surgeon has been great with checkups and extra treatment on the scars.

Go with the surgeon you feel comfortable with, and have a good look at their before and after photos.

And good luck! It'll be the best thing ever. Love my new boobies!

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I have decided to go with Andrew Crocker on the 8th April. I am nervous but excited.

Nervous that I am scared I will be too small as i still want some sexy boobs to fill out a top and excited that my saggy boobs will be nice and lifted.

My good friend is also having it done on the same day by the same surgeon so it will be exciting to have it done together as we have been talking about for years

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