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Questions to ask/topics to cover at consults?

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Hi there,

I've got consultations booked with Dr Jeremy Hunt and Dr Tobias Pincock in approx two weeks.

Trying to put together a list of questions to take in with me- any suggestions?

Does anyone think it's worthwhile taking in photos of noses that I like & that I think may suit my face & using it as a talking point- I'm thinking it could be a way of ensuring both myself and the surgeon are on the same page.

Hahahaha they'll prob just laugh at me when I rip out a picture of Nicole Kidnam's nose!

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Hi, I don't feel I used my consult well as I was not sure what to ask.

I think definitely take pictures that you like, I explored Thailand and sent pictures to a dr. Who replied that my nse I'll be ' you nse without the hump' but this ill give you n dea f realistic expectations.

Check f your going to need packing and any important factors around after care.

I would spend more time on imaging and looking at before and afters.

Ask about prescriptions for post opp so you can get this before you opp ( I was super annoyed that on discharge I ad to goto the chemist) I was alone and packed up in public, not nice.

Ask about revisions, what their policy is, what they consider to be a good job and what they will cover under their policy.

That's all I can't think of, hope it helps somewhat.

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