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okay where do I start....

I had my operation on 27th December so just 5 weeks ago.... directly after the op I could smell a medical smell coming from my boobs.. I thought it was the dressing and antiseptic solution... I wasn't worried... but now 5 weeks after I still can smell it!!( I wash myself thoroughly twice a day, more if I go to the gym!!)

I was doing my yoga on saturday and my head was tuck in my chest and there is it again the medical smell!!! I never smell anything like it!!! so so so weird....

I google it and on breast implant forum some people say it is the GA... but why only my boobs does have that smell and not my whole body?? doesn't make sense to me if it was GA..

is it the silicon I can smell thru my skin??? arghhh!!

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Maybe it's just a smell that was in the theatre and you know it maybe is just one of those smells that are up your nose for a bit ... I know this sounds weird and not nice but I once worked in a chook farm and getting dead chooks out of the cage and you know that smell I had up my nose for months and months , hopefully that's what it is for you and will go away but at least a nicer smell at least...


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