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Post op Bra

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Hi Molly,

As Sezzy said, each surgeon has their own thoughts and recommendations for you to follow so its not a standard across the board thing. Some require you to wear a bra 24/7 for the first 1-3months, others not bra for first 3 weeks, others only during day. It can get confusing but it's important for you to just listen to your surgeons guidelines.

Mine for instance - for the first week post op I was to wear a comfort crop (like an ahh bra) 24/7. At my 1 week post op appointment I was fitted for 2 berlei bra that I am to wear up until 3 months post op. These have no underwire or anything, they're just like a sports bra with great support so the babies don't move. I can go with out a bra in bed if its comfortable from now on but I find im more comfortable wearing the comfort crop to bed.

Hope this helps!

Kara-Lea :)

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