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Adelaide ladies getting or have had tummy tucks

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hi im a newbie on the waiting list for my tummy tuck at noarlunga hospital adelaide should be in around 11 months time just wondering if anyone has been given lipo during there tuck operation just concerned over the love handle section you come out with a flat tummy but what happends to the handles do they get pulled down also in the operation im 66 kilos atm hoping to be 60 by the time my surgery is due also are there any adelaide ladies on here having tummy tucks soon id love to hear from you thanks ;)

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Hi I had a TT in Nov last year, 4 months ago, I was advised I only needed a mini as it was just loose skin that needed removing, I have been an exercise fanatic for over 30 yrs, im 47 now but Ive always had problems around my tummy since having my Daughter 26 years ago. Anyway the surgery went well and the scar as healed really good, I didn't find the surgery too bad as I was only in over night and drains were taken away the next morning, I did wonder why I could stand straight the next day after reading on the internet before and people saying they couldn't stand straight for a week or more... After 2 weeks I saw my surgeon again and at the time I was quite pleased my tummy was relatively smaller and tighter although I did know there was still a while to go to see the end results. Baring in mind after 6 wks I have trained like crazy to make up for the time I was recovering.. Still doing lots of core exercises too.

After a few weeks more my swelling had gone down and I started to notice my tummy becoming looser , I didn't see my surgeon again until a couple of weekis ago.. feeling very disappointed I was hoping he would say it was just fluid and in time it would settle... he just grabbed hold of my tummy and said that's LOOSE skin... I couldn't believe how matter of fact he was... After a lot of talking he said what do I want to do about it? I said what do you mean? he said well you will need a FULL tummy tuck, I said but you recommended a mini and said I didn't need a FULL one.. he said well your tummy button needs to be moved to get the best results.. I said well we can't afford any more surgery ( I paid for mine because it was classed as cosmetic) I said if you told me I needed a full TT I would have had that but YOU recommended mini, anyway after a lot of uncomfortable silences he said well I could put you on the public waiting list and I will try to get you in sooner so your not waiting too long ... Yes this is a positive outcome and I was very surprised because at first It seemed like he wasn't going to budge.. But I am very disappointed with my journey so far.. I now have a wobbly tummy plus a scar ..yes my tummy isn't as loose as before but never the less it wasn't what I was hoping for .. I now have to go through all that again with 3 days in hospital a T scar and weeks off work and training :-( May I say all the other aspects of the surgery , recovery , where my scar is potioned and the healing of my scar have been great... god this post is taking forever SORRY... as you can understand I cannot give you the name of my surgeon as he is rectifying his surgery.. But I can tell you the name of a surgeon who I have heard of since his name is Mark Moore? or Daren Moore at Adelaide Plastic Surgeons associates (APSA) North Terrace in the City.. Good Luck with your surgery and I hope your results are everything you dreamed of !! XX

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