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Hello, I am a new subscriber after reading the stories on this site.

Approximately 10 years ago I had liposuction done by a cosmetic surgeon on my inner and outer thighs. This has left me with contours/dips in my outer thighs and other small irregularities. I look fine in clothes but have not worn a bathers/togs since the operation - I totally dislike the look of my thighs.

I have researched these issues extensively and am now award that some surgeons can perform fat grafts using your own fat to inject into such contours/irregularities to smooth them out.

Has anyone had liposuction revision or fat grafts to fix such problems?

I would be interested to hear anyone's experiences and if they have a surgeon that they can recommend.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Shell, can you look at my pics in the overseas forum and tell me if yours is as bad as mine? If you need fat grafting I reckon the US is the best option. Dr Sydney Coleman is very experienced in this and his fat grafts last. In NY, super costly! The "butt guy" dr mendietta in Miami is also 80% of his fat successful. I'm having to look at very extensive reconstruction myself after my botched job at PIAC in Thailand.

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