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Hi, my tummy went pretty flat post op, though I was pretty slim for me at the time of my op. Mostly kept the weight off, though I have noticed my body has decided that under the new tummy skin (which had been stretched down from above my belly button with little fat underneith) to collect a little area of fat :(....seems our bodies can't be tricked into doing otherwise!

It does depend on your existing body and how much fat you have, whether you have lipo as well etc. Also I found my tummy was looking much more toned once I started doing some light pilates around 6 months post op. When I sit down, the skin does crimple up a bit (mostly as it is a bit damaged from carrying babies and has stretch marks that seem to wrinkle), but standing straight all the excess skin is gone...yay!

I'll send you a FR and you can check out my pics. I'm now 12 months post op.



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I was wondering the same thing, if it depends on your size and also if you have your stomach muscles tightened. I haven't had children (and won't be having any) so Dr said my stomach muscles weren't to bad but i was wondering if that would make a difference on the end result if she doesn't tighten them.

Also is it important to start exercising asap after the op, obviously not to soon only when fit and have people found they have to exercise often to keep the stomach flat and weight off?


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