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8 week post-op photos and update

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I've now put up an album of photos for 8 weeks post-op. Included are pics in the same sports crop I've used in all my photos (for comparison), braless in a slim fit tank and an underwire (for fun). I'm not yet cleared for underwires so that bra doesn't get worn much yet. If you check back through my albums, you'll see how the fit of the sports crop changes as my boobs have softened and settled and the swelling has gone. It's very noticeable in the way the straps sit in front of my shoulders.

All my swelling is gone. There is some swelling in my tummy but that is from an umbilical hernia repair 2 weeks ago. I'm still quite numb in a wedge shape from under each nipple to incision and from about 5-7 o'clock. Not completely numb, feels like when you scratch through clothing. A sort of detached tingling. More sensation when someone else touches, though. There is still noticeable tenderness in a band from the outer curve of the right breast across to just under my armpit (right where a bra band sits) but is significantly improved from a month ago.

They are quite soft all over in that I can press into them and I can now push them together a little. The right finally dropped almost to the level of the left at about week 7 but I think it is still a little smaller.

Keen to get back running (although the heat up here has been awful). Just as I was starting again I had to have the hernia op and that put me back another month. Have my first tap class tomorrow, though and I can get back on my bike, too. Interesting note, I haven't put on any weight and actually lost weight straight after my BA (about the weight of the implants) as I'm the same weight now as pre-op.

I am thrilled with my new shape. I believe I'm a 10DD but at Bras n Things a 10E (88cm bust).

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Hey MrsTag,

I have similar stats as you and also suffering deflation and asymmetry.

I'm looking to also get to a D and would love to see your befores and afters.

I'm going in tomorrow to decide on CCs- Scary decision! Sent you a FR- tried to PM you but your inbox is full??

Hope you won't mind if I take a peek. Feel free to check out my feral befores :)


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Inbox cleared and friend requests accepted, Lozz and Hayley.

Lozz, I'm glad you sent a fr. I've been meaning to send you one to see your results.

Hayley, my asymmetry wasn't hugely pronounced. It couldn't be corrected with different sized implants as the difference wasn't great enough. I can see the difference but hubby can't. Dr H did drop my crease on the right to fit the implant and he said it was a very tight fit which is why I'm still tender under my armpit.

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