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Help! Advice needed!

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Hey everyone,

I signed up to this site hoping to get more info about plastic surgeons in Melbourne.

And if anyone has any info on Breast Augmentation - Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok .

OK here goes...

I am going to get a breast augmentation. I was set on going to Bumgrungrad in Bangkok - I've seen 5+ girls boobs and they look and even feel awesome. The price is really good ($4,500 inc. 1 night stay and hospital fees). All up it's gonna cost me roughly $6,000 to get my boobs done. That includes flights, accommodation (in a AWESOME suite) spending money, food, etc. This sounds pretty great to me.

So I told my parents. (I am 20 and I live in Melbourne city by myself. They find it hard enough that I'm living out of home...) They freaked!!!! Not so much about actually getting a fresh set of boobies...but actually going to Thailand and having my first overseas trip and first procedure there. I mean, fair enough that they're freaking out. My father cried. And my mum got my 32 year old brother to take me to dinner and try to talk me out of it...awkward.

They would be ok with it if I got it done here. But it's sooooo cheap and really quite safe over in Bumrungrad. They even have corresponding hospitals in Melbourne for my check ups.

But I'm going to do the right thing by them and get a few consultations in Melbourne before making my final decision. I was planning to go in June 2013 - so it gives me plenty of time to save and plan etc.

Can anyone please share their experiences with me about Bumrungrad and PLEASE anyone who has had surgery in Melbourne please tell me about it! I'm wondering about the cost (mainly) and also the care and general experience you had.

I hope I don't sound like a brat but this has been a big part of my life and I am ready for it. I do a lot of lingerie and swimwear modelling so it's really important to me. I have been saving for a really long time and I just want the best for myself and I want my parents to be ok with it. If i go to thailand knowing that they're in Melbourne stressing about me getting surgery in a foreign country I dont think I could go through with it.

All your help and advice is really appreciated.


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