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Advice needed please

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Hi all,

I am new to the site and looking for some advice, i have been to 2 consultations at the same place. I can have TT done on the 22nd Feb however the problem i face is my parents are visiting from the UK on April 2nd for 3 weeks for a holiday of a lifetime.

I have mentioned this and been told that i will be fine in 5 weeks and fit for their visit, however after researching and hearing various stories i am not so sure.

I have another consult tomorrow with a different person just for a second opinion before i make a decsion as to who to go with.

I guess my question is is it worth risking it? Is 5 weeks enough of a recovery time when they will be expecting an amazing holiday. My other concern is they like a drink and so do i.... and after the op i need to stay fit and healthy not fill my blood with alcohol!! As much as i want the op now and it is staring me in the face, have i to just hold off?

What would everyone do in my shoes? My other question is has anyone had their op done by Julie Lawrence in SA or Yugesh Caplash as these are the 2 people i have seen.

Thanks for any info.

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I haven't had mine yet, but am hoping I'll be fine by 5 weeks - just taking things easy. With the alcohol - that would be the tradeoff - being the designated driver and keeping alcohol to a minimum to have your TT sooner. I won't be drinking excessively after my TT but I certainly will have a glass or two by the 5 week mark. For me there was no ideal time to have this done and I'll just have to see how I cope, but I've just realized that I'll be holidaying with family and friends at the 5 week mark and I'm not too worried.

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Ye there is no right time, although i think i am just worried that i will not be fit enough to show them a good time when they have spent all that money to get here. Feel to tired in the afternoon having naps etc and still be in pain but hey maybe i'm just getting nervous.


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Ok, I am at 8 weeks post op and I can honestly tell you I started feeling OK at about 5 weeks post op. You still wont be doing any heavy lifting etc BUT you will feel much better and stand ALOT straighter! My only real advice is week 2 post op stretch your back on a wall it will help your back pain (and believe me you will have it!) AND it will also remind you to stand straighter-I have kept this up the whole way through as by night time you can get a little stiff and hunch a little :o) GOOD LUCK, it really does change your life!

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Thanks so much everyone, thought i had my decision made after talking to my OH. He is saying maybe best to wait and have it after they have gone back. To many risks he said, what if you get an infection, you are not fully recovered or you need to go back into hozy for watever reason, that will be the holiday ruined.

In the 3 weeks we have also booked to go to Sydney for everyone and i am worried if something was to go wrong...infection or still to painful the trip would be ruined. So many mixed recovery times some people are fine after 3/4 weeks others are only just standing straight after 5 weeks. Also think it would be a shocker for my mum she doesn't even know i'm having it.

Still confused.com? So excited at the same time and just want to go sod it i'm having it!!!

yesno789 can't believe you were hitting the beer so soon after, did it numb the pain,ha!! Thanks for the advice on the stretching Buby3 shall keep that in mind :)

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